Technical translation services for the metalworking sector. Nova Group also offers professional translation services for more technically demanding fields such as the metalworking sector.

Professional translation services for the metalworking sector

Translations of technical and commercial documents, scientific papers, presentations, studies, reports, newsletters, e-mails, technical manuals, operation and maintenance manuals, technical drawings of systems and equipment, product catalogues, marketing articles, web pages.

Expert native translators in the most technically demanding sectors

Specialized native translators able to identify your needs and to realize technical translations that are effective, accurate and faithful to the original content.

Translations for the metalworking sector are handled by professional native speakers with many years of experience in translating technical documentation (manuals, drawings of machinery and equipment, technical specifications), translate, adapt and localize marketing materials (brochures, catalogues, advertising campaigns, articles, websites optimized with SEO to improve rankings on Italian and foreign search engines).

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We offer translation services for metalworking texts for:
Here are some of the types of documents we deal with:

  • Large companies
  • Small businesses
  • ACommunication agencies

  • Translation of catalogues and brochures
  • Translation of advertising campaigns
  • Translation of manufacturers’ websites
  • Manuali tecnici
  • Packaging

  • Work safety manuals
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Translations of press releases relating to specific products
  • Translation of press releases and articles written for publication in magazines