Translating tourism texts is closely connected with marketing. From a linguistic point of view, the translator must always ask if the choices made by the original advertiser, such as the terminology, rhyme, alliteration and metaphors, have an equivalent in the target language, or whether an alternative solution is required.

Translated tourism texts are typically published in brochures, pamphlets, newspapers, presentations, menus, magazines, coupons, and especially websites, which today is the fastest way to share real-time promotions with millions of users.

Translation services for the tourism sector

Nova Group Translation provides translation services specializing in the tourism industry. A reference point for individuals and businesses that need translations of tourism texts that include advertising aspects.
Translations of tourism texts
Translation of tourism texts usually includes the translation of tourist guides, brochures, websites, restaurant menus, promotional materials and more. They can deal with different issues, such as travel, events, culture, leisure, sports, excursions, etc.

Native translators

Thanks to our team of native translators, we are able to guarantee maximum efficiency and professionalism. We guarantee translations of tourism texts that are reliable, precise and faithful to the original, taking into account purely linguistic issues, as well as marketing, use of terminology, and any rhyme, alliteration and metaphors. 

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  • Translation of advertising material
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