If it is in electronic form, send it through the online ordering process or email the document as an attachment to info@novatraduzioni.it

We work exclusively with qualified native translators.
We have 10 years’ experience as a language service provider.
If the client is dissatisfied with a translation for issues that can be objectively addressed, we will provide a revision as quickly as possible at our expense. In the event of a delay in delivery, we are committed to provide a discount on the translation of up to 100%.
Payment is made subsequent to delivery. This means that you pay for the translation only after seeing it.

Within 30 days of delivery of the translated document, unless otherwise specified. Together with the document, you will also receive an electronic invoice on which you will find contact details and payment instructions.

Via bank transfer or PayPal.

We can use several translators simultaneously.
We managed several projects of this type.

Translation services for companies, translation agencies, individual customers.
Translations done by qualified native speakers, never using machine translation software.

If your document is in Word format, you can read the number of words directly in the status bar at the bottom left, or you can send the file via e-mail or fax and we will quickly send you our quote.

We translate virtually any electronic format, preserving the original format and keeping the same layout.

Yes. We can work directly in your Website’s source code.
On request, we can also directly upload the files online, so they’re ready for browsing.

Most of our requests come from companies, but we also work for individuals as well, and are glad to do so.

We take meticulous care to keep the layout and format of the document unchanged. Normally we work on the original document, overwriting the text without changing the style or format.

Prices vary according to the length, difficulty and format of the text.
The average price is calculated per word (a standard page is about 225 words).

Fill out the contact form to request a quote or send the document by e-mail to info@novatraduzioni.it indicating your personal details, the source language, the target language(s) ​​and the deadline for delivery.

Naturally, it depends on the length. Delivery times will be specified in the quote, taking into account any urgency.